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Medical Service Accounts(MSA)

What is a MSA / Pay Patient?

MSA is comprised of the cycle of billing and the collections of funds for medical services received at a MTF. MSA prepare and complete a financial record of transactions, which include collections, accounts receivable, and deposits.

Who is MSA/Pay Patient?

  • DoD beneficiaries and Other government agencies
  • DoD civilians, contractors and DoD Dependent School employees
  • NAF, AAFES employees 
  • Secretarial Designees
  • Civilian emergency and Other non DoD beneficiary

How are my medical bills handled?

The patient is solely responsible for their medical bills, however as a courtesy the UBO department may file a claim with your insurance company. Filling out a DD Form 2569 , we are able to proceed with the claim through your most current insurance carrier in our records. Any unpaid balances, are forwarded to the Policy Holder on file. Invoices that are mailed, between 30-60 day notices, please follow-up and pay any unpaid balances. This will prevent accounts going into delinquency.

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