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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I update my information?

If your address or phone number or insurance information has changed, please completed DD Form 2569 and send it to UBO DD2569 mailbox. We will update your information on our billing system. Failure to provide new information, a bill will be sent to wrong address or outdated insurance carrier.


2. Will I get billed if my OHI does not cover certain charges?

- TPC : TRICARE affiliated members with other health insurance will not be billed for any costs we cannot obtain. You may receive an EOB from your insurance carrier, illustrating what charges were given, what was paid to us, and what deductibles or co-payments were taken from the claim. THIS IS NOT A BILL, but a description of your services for your reference.

- MSA : If insurance company doesn’t cover due to termination, UBO will send an invoice to patient. Once received, please make a payment to UBO. Also,  complete a DD Form 2569 , so for any visit, we will start claiming to your third party insurance company.

3. What effect will this program have on my health insurance?

None. The insurance is being used exactly as it should be. Health insurance premiums, unlike automobile insurance premiums, usually do not increase due to hospitalization. This means that under most circumstances, your rates will not be affected.  

4. Do you accept Korean health insurance?

No. We only process U.S. affiliated commercial health insurance.

5. I am reservist, do I get billed?

Please provide DD Form 2569 ,DA Form 2173, ADT orders, and LOD for your services at the MTF. We will review your case and determine how and which bills are possibly covered by non-billable services or not. Failure to provide these documents, a bill will be generated to the patient.

6. I got injury while at work, what do I do?

When seen at the MTF, please let the front desk clerk know you were injured at work. Please fill out OWCP paperwork (CA FORM 16) when you are at ER. Once completed, please send it to UBO INQUIRY mailbox.  After sending CA-16 to us, please submit your case to Department of Labor(DOL). Once DOL receive your claim they will provide you with a temporary claim number until they have the process your case.  Please forward us all filing number and claim number for our records.

Once we receive the CA-16 and claim number, we will place your case on hold pending the outcome of OWCP decision .


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