Health Services

Pet Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO)

Only 2 pets per household are authorized transport in the event of a NEO. Single service member pet owners are required to have a pet care plan in the event of a NEO (please see your NEO warden on arrival).

  • Each pet must have its own rigid (no soft) airline carrier that is large enough for them to stand up, turn around and lay down only. Pets cannot be combined into one carrier.
  • Rabies Certificates DD2208 (May 2008) PDF file will be maintained in your PET NEO Card.
  • PET NEO Card
  • APHIS 7001
  • 2 Prefilled out Veterinary Health Certificates DD2209 PDF file without the veterinary signature or date in your NEO book (kit). Any pets leaving Korea will require a veterinarian to sign and date the health certificates before departure.
  • Prepare at least 10 days of food supply and medications in waterproof containers or Ziploc bags (if required).
  • Bowls for food and water that do not spill easily.
  • Have a well-fitting collar/harness with ID tag and a good leash.
  • Small plastic bags for feces disposal. Cat owners need a 10-day supply of litter and a small compact container with lid for litter storage that can fit in the cat kennel to prevent spillage when not in use by the pet in the carrier.
  • All pets must be microchipped per USFK Regulation 40-5 PDF file.
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