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Third Party Collections(TPC)

What is TPC?

Under Title 10, United States Code, Section 1095, states that it is required for any MTF to bill your other health insurance (OHI) for Outpatient visits or Inpatient stays. If you have TRICARE and other health insurance, the government requires the collection of payments from your insurance.

The TPCP is set-up to assist the flow of patient information relayed to your insurance company. When a patient is seen and given care at a MTF, services are coded, then billed to your insurance carrier.

Where does the money go?

Funds received from your healthcare insurance will go back into the MTF’s operating and maintenance budget. This will enhance the total service provided to patients and the readiness of the hospital.

Who must participate in the Third Party Collection Program?

TRICARE members who have Other Health Insurance (OHI)

  • - Family members of Active Duty
  • - Retired Military members
  • - Family of Retirees
  • - Reservist and family members of reservist
  • - NATO
  • - Command sponsored family member of any of the above

How can I participate in the TPC?

To start the process, UBO retrieves your most current patient information using the DD Form 2569 .

To update DD Form 2569, please email to UBO DD2569 mailbox.

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