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Our mission is to optimize allowable health care cost recovery within compliance guidelines in support of the operational and readiness mission of the MHS.

The UBO supports the TRICARE managed care programs by providing tools and policies to enhance and improve the effectiveness of the financial and collection operations. Additionally, the UBO supports managing and expediting collections from patients and third party insurers; supports consistent and uniform reporting of expense, manpower and workload data, and enhancing third party reimbursements.

The UBO administer Third Party Collections (TPC), Medical Services Account (MSA), and Medical Affirmative Claim (MAC) Programs.

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What is patient’s responsibility?

The patient is solely responsible to pay their medical bill; nonetheless, as a courtesy of the UBO department they may file your claim with your health insurance. Any unpaid balances after this process, is then billed to the policy holder. To start the process, UBO retrieves your most current patient information using the DD Form 2569. This is filled out at Patient Administration Division (PAD) at your MTF or download an electronic file of DD Form 2569 

Where can I fill DD Form 2569?

You may obtain this form at any Patient Admin (PAD) office within a MTF.
You can get electronic version of DD Form 2569.
After completing this form, you may turn it in the same day back to PAD or email to UBO DD2569 mailbox.
Please provide a copy of your health insurance card.

  • The DD Form 2569 is filled out once a year to keep records most current.
  • If any changes occur with your mailing address, phone numbers, or Policy ID, please fill out the form so we may update your information.

Last Updated 10/13/2022

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