SGT Shin Woo Kim Clinic Soldier Centered Medical Home
SGT Shin Woo Kim Clinic  Soldier Centered Medical Home

Our Mission

To deter aggression through medical readiness of Soldiers and healthy Family Members and Always be Ready to Fight Tonight!

Our Vision

We’re a team, values based and standards driven.

Soldier Centered Medical Home (SCMH) 

What is a SCMH? 

“Its all about taking care of the right patient, at the right time, in the right location delivering comprehensive care with a focus on quality and safety” 
All beneficiaries are assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM) within one of our SGT Shin Woo Kim SCMH Teams.  
Your PCM is part of a care team made up of a registered nurse, LVN/medic and other ancillary staff. You are the center of the team.  
Our nurses and medics play a vital role in addressing your current and future health concerns. They will be actively consulting with you and your provider to address preventative screenings, chronic health problems, and  encourage life-style modifications to promote health and wellness.  


  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Internal Behavioral Health Consultant
  • Nutritional Services*
  • Audiology
  • Specialty care (by referral)*
  • Nurse Case Management
  • Nurse Advice Line*

Your Health 

We strive to improve your overall health outside of the clinic by providing routine preventative screening for various age populations. Below is a list of preventative medical screenings we provide:
Screening Age Frequency
Cervical Cancer 21-65* 3 years* 
Chlamydia 16-24* Annual* 
Breast Cancer 50-74* 2 years* 
Colorectal Cancer 45-75* 10 years* 
Diabetes Type 1 / 2 3 months - 1yr* 
*Age and Frequency vary patient to patient and on which guidelines are followed by your PCM
  • Please inform your provider if you are currently prescribed any antidepressants, sleep medications or antipsychotics so we can ensure you do not lapse in medication management.
  • In the interest of your health, our healthcare team will be reaching out to you when you are due for any of the above preventative screenings. Let us know of your experience at SGT Kim Soldier Centered Medical Home! 

Your Rights and Responsibilities 

We encourage you take an active role in you and your healthcare. How?  
  • Ask questions
  • Actively participate in your care plan
  • Bring a list of your current medications
  • Bring a list of your current immunizations
  • You have the right to a second opinion
  • You have the right to change your provider
  • You have the right to specialty care
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so before your scheduled appointment time. ***

Secure Messaging System (SMS) 

SMS is a patient centric initiative allowing the patient to directly communicate via the internet with the primary care provider team for advice on minor medical issues, chronic disease management, test results, appointment requests, medication refills and other health care needs. 
  • Improves patient access to care and satisfaction
  • Encourages the patient to be an active member of the care team
  • Promotes coordination between office visits
  • Helps reduce unnecessary phone calls, clinical appointments and ER visits

Access to your care


Bldg. 6370, USGA-Humphreys, South Korea

Hours of Operation

• Soldier Care

Mon-Wed, Fri: 0800-1130/ 1300-1630
Thurs: 1300-1630

• Pharmacy

Mon-Wed, Fri: 0800-1130/ 1300-1630
Thurs: 1300-1630

• Laboratory/ Immunizations/ Radiology

Mon-Wed, Fri: 0800-1130/ 1300-1615
Thurs: 1300-1615

• Optometry

Mon-Wed, Fri: 0800-1130/ 1300-1615
Thurs: 1300-1615

• Physical Therapy

Mon-Wed, Fri: 0800-1130/ 1300-1615
Thurs: 1300-1615

• The entire clinic is closed 1130-1300

Making an appointment

• Central Appointment Line By Phone

Cell: 050-3337-2273
DSN: 737-2273

• By Tricare On-Line
Make appointments online, order pharmacy refills, or find your referral 24/7.

• By Tricare Online Secure Messaging:
• Email your PCM, Schedule an appointment,check lab results, request medication refills.

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